We started in 2009 developing Hitlantis, www.hitlantis.com.

Hitlantis became quite popular in Finland and got nice coverage in tech media like Mashable and Techcrunch. Some 7000 artists and 65000 fans registered, some > 150.000 mobile applications got downloaded.

You can still download Hitlantis for iOS from AppStore and for Android from Google Play. These applications prove that a map-like user interface for content browsing and discovery works extremely well in touch screen devices and with pinch zoom.

Hitlantis was not finished; it lacked and still lacks social features already designed, but never implemented. Because of this and other reasons it failed to raise funding for international expansion. The competitor, SoundCloud was better funded and it took the place which was left vacant by MySpace Music. Congratulations SoundCloud!

We are now developing a new visual and social music service, using our current platform and the knowledge we got from Hitlantis. You’ll see it soon.